Mt. Cheam Ragdolls Cattery of excellence,
Breeding floppy healthy Ragdolls kittens underfoot, with desirable Ragdoll temperaments and beauty.


Mt. Cheam Picture taken from Jespersen’s IN Chilliwack, British Columbia , Canada JAN.2016

Mt. Cheam Ragdolls

Breeding Beautiful Ragdolls underfoot with excellent Ragdoll Temperaments

Mt. Cheam Ragdoll Cattery was established in Chilliwack, British Columbia, Canada raising healthy well socialized Ragdolls. Over the years I have had the honor and privilege to meet some very awesome people, making new friends along the way while placing some of the most sweetest tempered ragdolls to selected family’ and Im proud to say , “Mt.Chemragdolls” has a large happy cliental base across Canada and US. 
Recently our family moved away from Chilliwack because we simple outgrew the city life and really desired to live not so close to all the hustle and bustle. We are now surrounded by class A nature in Clearwater BC. Canada.
Clearwater BC is located just a 1.5 hrs North of  Kamloops, B.C. 
We are very excited to grow here in Clearwater, BC where we can raise our ragdolls and children while living on a acreage.
Clearwater is small town but holds all essentials that one needs. Our town does have good food and all amenities including a hospital, which was very important to me. My standards have not changed and I am so excited to be able to grow . We are still a small Ragdoll Cattery of excellence, belonging to many multi Ragdoll Clubs and Organizations rearing the sweetest healthy tempered Ragdoll kittens underfoot.

By trade I am Lab Technician so health science, diagnostic’s and DNA testing is my backyard and respectfully, in order to better the Ragdoll Breed, DNA testing is vital!  I am passionate about improving the Ragdoll breed, only breeding genetically healthy Ragdolls and belonging to multiple Ragdoll clubs while always learning.
I do go over board with DNA testing, ensuring that we are breeding only healthy genetic genes and have DNA tested all my breeding Ragdolls for up to 21 different congenital diseases which also includes the common 2 types of heart condition (HCM-Rags) disease and Kidney (PKD) diseases, Retinal  (PRA) disease, Enzyme (MPSM) disease
 which can be found in the Ragdoll Breed pedigree.
Because I care and breed only genetically healthy Ragdolls I give a 2 year health guarantee against congenital health diseases and I feel proud to know that my family’s wont have to deal with heart breaks as a result of unethical breeding..

You will find that as your reputable breeder I strive to go over and beyond meeting all Cattery of excellence criteria, and proudly breeding beautiful Ragdolls that are healthy, well socialised and display the true Ragdoll character which we all desire.
I am passionate and devoted to the Ragdoll breed and I feel it just as important to be committed to all my Ragdoll family’s, every step of the way, with life time support.

Our Ragdolls have a 2 year Health Guarantee!!
Over all family’s that buy from me have the confidence, trust and security knowing that the Ragdoll kitten they are taking home is true to the standard breed, displaying the characteristics we desire in a Ragdoll and more importantly healthy genetics!!
Ragdoll health is my specialty and I have taken the extra mile for everyone’s best interest. 

Our Ragdolls are also all negative for FIP, FeLv, and FIV. 

PictureSeal Bi Color Lynx, previous Kitten from our Cattery

In order to better the Ragdoll Breed and avoid emotional loss to our family’s who purchase from me…before you buy a from a breeder know that DNA testing is vital!!!
Ragdolls can genetically carry two types of heart conditions and this is the #1 health concern for this breed. Our Ragdolls are clear for more then just heart diseases, we have it all covered and test over board.
I do my diligence when selecting pedigrees, we have only pure Ragdolls, giving you everything you dreamed in a ragdoll but also giving my family’s who buy from me the confidence and security when, adding a new beloved member to your family.
This is where I specialize in… Lab Tech, by trade, diagnostics, diseases and hygiene are my studies. I am often told that when you come to my home, there is no smell and I work very hard to keep it this way!!
It is very important to find a reputable breeder that screens for multiple, congenital diseases and also raises there Ragdolls in a sanitary and socialised environment….
While also a mother of 3 children, we all equally play a vital role in everyday busy family noises ensuring your Ragdoll is well socialised from day one!! All our Ragdolls will greet strangers at the door and when we host large Christmas or Thanksgiving dinners here in our home, its a site to see and a joy to everyone that all our Ragdolls are part of the party too!! 🙂

Waiting List
Mt Cheam Ragdolls is accepting deposits for you to be on our wait list.
 To do this you may send a non refundable  but transferable deposit of $100 towards a future kitten of the colour and pattern requested.
If you change your mind on a color in the future it is subject to availability only and thus you may need to wait until available.. This is to ensure other family’s color request will not be disturbed.

 Once the kittens are born and we have confirmed kitten color, patterns, and sexes, I will offer you a kitten as you have requested and if you accept you are welcome to place a $300 deposit to secure your chosen Ragdoll., this will be your baby and I send each of my family’s pictures and videos every 10 days, involving you and your family watching him or her grow not missing any mile stones and making time pass quickly before the day you bring home your baby.
All deposits go towards your final purchase.!! Along with a 2 year Health Guarantee against congenital diseases. 

Please understand that Mt.Cheamragdolls reserves the right to change our mind regarding the sale of any of our kittens at any time after the deposit has been made should we feel that the prospective buyer is not an appropriate match for a particular kitten, or that we would like to retain the kitten for our own (or another qualified) breeding program. If a deposit has already been paid it will be immediately refunded and our decision explained to you thoroughly. You will, of course, have the option of adopting another kitten of equal quality should you want us to retain your deposit and keep you on our waiting list. If our decision to not sell our kitten to you is due to us feeling that you are an inappropriate fit for one of our kittens, our reasons will be explained to you and we will do our best to help you rectify the situation so that we feel more comfortable selling to you. If it’s not possible to come to an agreement, we retain the right to keep our kitten and return your deposit. The bottom line is, no kitten will be sold by us to any home that we do not 100% approve of.

Wait List

We are fully booked for 2020 and run on a waitlist.  I am accepting deposits for our Spring/ summer 2021.  
I will be starting an adoption application form as I want to ensure all our ragdoll baby’s go to most loving homes, our ragdolls are very deserving and only the best matched home will they go to.
I’m very sorry if I haven’t reply to you promptly . I have way too many inquiries, hence why I’m starting an application system. Our ragdolls are in high demand do my cattery’s excellent health and temperament reputation.
I work very hard to ensure hygiene, health and best beginning’s. When its your turn waiting for one of our baby’s, I know you will appreciate all my dedication I have done to ensure your baby is everything you dream of and allowing you to emotionally invest in your ragdoll for many years
When you application is approved and your deposit is send. I will confirm with you and add your name to our wait list below.  It is on a first come basic on approved homes and availability of kittens born. All deposits are in order of date deposit is received.