Purchasing a Ragdoll Kitten & Wait List Procedure

Pricing for pet quality TICA registered Ragdoll kittens 
Each kitten is individually evaluated based on Ragdoll standards breed profile and pattern markings.
Our  traditional coloured Ragdoll kittens come in colours of
Seal, Blue, Chocolate, Lilac, Mink, and patterns of Pointed, Mitted, Bi-colour, Blaze and Lynx.
  • Pet quality Ragdoll kitten $1000-$1300
  • Lynx pattern Ragdoll Kitten starting $1380
  • Chocolate & Lilac kittens starting $1500
  • Symmetrical Bi Colour Ragdoll kittens starting at $1600
  • Mink Ragdoll kittens starting at $1600
  • Show quality please let me know what you desire in colour in a ragdoll

Pricing for retired Ragdolls

  • ​​Retired Queens and Kings- From time to time we have available retired Kings and Queens, please inquire within.

Waiting List Procedure & Contact Forum Below.

To be on our waiting list please contact us, there is a forum below or email me at Mt.Cheamragdolls@gmail.com.
Once you have told me a bit about yourself, the environment and care you will be able to provide for one of our precious ragdolls you may send a non refundable  of $100 but transferable towards a future kitten of the same colour requested or an available ragdoll kitten.
This can be sent though e-transfer, pay pall (include 3%) or a check by mail.
You may use our cattery email for e-transfers and pay pal.
Once I receive your deposit I will confirm with you and edit my wait list putting your first name in sequence of date of deposit received.
If you change your mind on a color in the future it is subject to availability only and you may need to wait until available.. This is to ensure other family’s color request will not be disturbed.

Once the kittens are born and we have established kitten color, patterns, and sexes, around 4 weeks of age, I send out pictures and videos to my family’s waiting.
Next, you will receive pictures and videos of your desired ragdoll, you may choose to pass or secure the baby proposed to you. If you choose to move forward I accept a $300 deposit to secure your chosen Ragdoll., this will be your baby and I will ensure you are involved and able to watch him or her grow staying updated with pictures and mile stones with pictures and videos every 10 days. This helps pass the time. All my family’s are welcome to come meet there baby once they receive there first vaccines at 8 weeks old.

All deposits go towards your final purchase.!! Along with a 2 year Health Guarantee against congenital diseases. 

  • Deposits that secure your chosen kitten are non-refundable after the kitten is 10 weeks of age. But, you may transfer your deposit up to one year to a future kitten, …this is if you change your mind or something unforeseen happens.
  • While most all my family’s are wonderful and loving, there are some questionable forever homes. Mt Cheam Ragdolls has the right to revoke a non refundable $100 deposit at any time if there is any question relating to the best interest of one of our kittens future forever homes.

Once I receive your deposit, your name is added to our wait list below.  It is on a first come basic, and approved home. In order of date I receive your deposit, then placing you on our wait list.

Our waitlist in order of Date of Deposit Received.

1 Blue Bicolour Lynx Female for Ashley- March.3,2019

2 Kittens, Male and Female siblings for Robyn- March.19,2019

1 Blue kitten that is female for Carley-April.4,2019

1 Seal mitted or blue kitten for Adin-May.4,2019

1 Ragdoll kitten open to colour and gender for Corrine- May.22,2019


We encourage our family’s that placed deposits to visit, visits are allowed after kittens have received there first core vaccines at 8 weeks old.

We do not allow visitors prior to kittens being vaccinated – Visits are at 9 weeks old, one week after first vaccine.
This is for the HEALTH of our kittens.

**Kittens are ready for new homes somewhere between 11-14 weeks.  No exception for early placement to ensure your kitten is socialized and ready to be removed from its litter.

*Spay or Neuter surgery is done with your choice of Vet and at the age of 6 mos.

***Shipping cost, crate and Health Certificate to fly is extra and depends on the airline and your location. Please contact us to discuss these options in further detail.

Please contact us for Show/Breeder pricing and availability.

Please Contact us below, If the submit button is not working please email me at  Mt.Cheamragdolls@gmail.com

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